Top 5 Audemars Piguet Best Imitations

Now we are accustomed to steel luxury sports watch, but the first time on the automatic launch of the stainless steel section, the watch industry is absolutely unconventional, bold package days of action, non-precious metal material, large size, but also set a luxury price. Decades later, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak has become the most famous Audemars Piguet series. Select audemars piguet fakes is also good. Today we recommend Top 5 Audemars Piguet Best Imitations .
The 1 paragraph is the Replica Royal Oak automatic large three-pin steel section 15400ST, 41 mm case can now be included in the normal range, a large blue dial with a square pattern Tapisserie pattern, coupled with well-known octagonal porthole style ring . Any watch lovers can recognize this one at a glance. With 60 hours of power reserve.

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If the Royal Oak is a classic, its eldest brother - the Royal Oak Offshore - is a larger Royal Oak, a new era of the Royal Oak was born. We recommend the 2 paragraph is Replica stainless steel Royal Oak off-shore diving watch 15703ST, it is the most popular offshore family members. It has a common offshore rubber-edged buttons, case size 42 mm ౳.9 mm, with 300 meters waterproof. 10 o'clock crown can be rotated dive countdown with the internal bezel. Its dial on the table than the Royal Tapisserie square oak larger, more extensive table needle, naturally provides excellent readability.
Audemars Piguet Millennium Series 4101 is Audemars Piguet modern classic dress watch, just like the Royal Oak Offshore type, case size and shape immediately makes the table has a special DNA. We recommend the 3 paragraph AP Replicas is stainless steel section 15350ST, table diameter at the widest point of 47 mm. The most eye-catching is undoubtedly the oval-shaped case, and many non-circular watches, the Millennium series of self-produced movement 4101 shape similar to the case, a perfect oval. Although at first glance, this may look like a so-called hollow watch, in fact, it is not - nothing to be hollowed out, but the design specifically leaked white. Small dial leaving enough space for you to appreciate the traditional movement polished; movement design out of a deep three-dimensional effect. Exposed to 3 o'clock in the balance spring, AP is also a special escapement designed to watch from the side of the dial.
Royal Oak Offshore Case size of 42 mm ౴.21 mm, the dial is slate gray, with a gray hand-stitched Hornbac crocodile leather strap. Is the most popular kind of AP watch. We recommend the 4 paragraph is Replica Royal Oak Offshore-26470 into a lot of updates. The original button and the crown of the rubber has now been upgraded to black ceramic pieces. The new giant dial of the Tapisserie checker pattern has been well received, while the small dial to increase the texture of the scroll texture. The wider, multi-sided hour and minute hands improve readability.

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