Richard Mille RM027 is the lightest watch in the world

Richard Mille RM027 is the lightest watch in the world, with a movement weight of only 3.83 grams, plus a belt weight of 26.9 grams, which brings a comfortable experience to sports. In such a lightweight watch, a tourbillon device is also added. Limited to 50 pieces worldwide, you can take extreme sports, such as tennis and golf. For most people, only its replica watches can be purchased. Richard Mille RM 027, it is a watch in cooperation with Nadal, because Nadal wears the watch number 027, specially named RM 027, Nadal has adopted RM 027 for the whole show The tennis match, the whole project is over, and the watch is in good condition.

Richard Mille RM027, in order to make this watch Nadal can play tennis fiercely, RICHARD MILLE watchmakers tried a lot of materials, natural traditional materials do not need more consideration, even if titanium is considered heavy. As always, the possibilities of the high-tech materials they began to study also borrowed from the aerospace industry. Therefore, the case is made of carbon fiber composite materials, and remove as much excess parts as possible; the heaviest movement, and the titanium plate is named "Lital" special alloy, which is made of aluminum alloy, magnesium, and copper , Zirconium, lithium alloy combination.

RM 027 Clone Watch
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RM 027 Clone Watch

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It is not only light, but also flexible and shock resistant. Using this material, the movement weight is only 3.83g. After calculating the weight, the weight of the entire RM027 can be less than 20g. It is like a biscuit in the hand, as if a little force will break it. But in fact, Nadal wore the rm 027 and played a complete game, and the watch was still intact. The external importance is over, the focus is strong enough internally, or how can we support the entire field? In order to be lighter, the internal structure of the RM 027 is greatly simplified, but a variety of patented mechanisms are built in, such as the use of automatic jumping balance wheels to enhance shock resistance, a fast-rotating spring roller that rotates for 6 hours, and a gradual rebound. The functional spring claw improves the power that needs to be refined, and provides stable and sufficient power.

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